Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions,
Rev. 19.41

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Leverage the training and customer scenarios provided to prepare for the HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V2 exam. This course will provide exposure to the fundamental principles required to architect hybrid IT solutions with a focus on HPE networking server, and storage solutions for SMB customers.

Why Earn This Certification?

To fill the skills gap

To fill the skills gap that businesses are looking for as they seek data center and hybrid infrastructure expertise

To validate your knowledge

To validate your knowledge of HPE data center solutions spanning servers, networking and storage

To advance your career

To advance your career as a certified professional

To maintain partnership benefits

To maintain HPE partnership benefits

What's in this self paced course?

The content provided in this course is provided directly from Subject Matter Experts at HPE and has been modified from Instructor Lead Courses to self-paced courses so that you can access at your convenience.

100+ Questions with remediation
Example customer scenarios with each module provide application example and connect concepts
Instructional content for 8 modules along with related appendix material
Ability to rate confidence level, log notes, highlight, and bookmark content for later review
Personalized study plan with daily goals
Detailed graphics for visual aid on concepts throughout the course
Reporting dashboard highlighting strengths and weaknesses in each module
10+ Downloadable lab guides instructing learners through exercises to test and apply knowledge*
250+ Interactive flashcards and game center
Discussion forum to collaborate with other candidates
Access through mobile-optimized site on mobile & tablet devices online and offline
Best practice notes to supplement content and important takeaways
Unlimited resets of exams and practice questions
Hyperlinks to related resources for streamlined user experience
Email and phone support
6 mini quizzes

Purchase the complete Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions Rev. 19.41 course now for

$1,000 $849
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